M. Tamra Chandler is the founder and CEO of PeopleFirm LLC, one of Forbes Magazine’s 2018 “America’s Best Management Consulting Firms.” A nationally recognized thought leader, author, and speaker, Tamra has spent most of her 30-year career developing new and effective ways for people and their organizations to perform at their peak. In 2016, she wrote the acclaimed book How Performance Management is Killing Performance – and What to Do About It, which has been published in three languages

Tamra started PeopleFirm with a unique vision: to deliver measurable, meaningful results using people-centered solutions. Under her leadership, PeopleFirm has become a go-to partner for more than 125 clients including Nike, Nordstrom, Alaska Airlines, Kaiser Health, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. PeopleFirm’s one-of-a-kind approach is grounded in research and delivers strategic, approachable, action-oriented solutions for nearly every industry. In keeping with the company motto, “Your people=Your success,”  PeopleFirm consistently earns local and national recognition as a top place to work.

Tamra has spent three decades developing new methods for rethinking performance management, building aspirational cultures, modernizing HR, and transforming organizational models. Whether leading small nonprofit teams or large multi-national corporations, Tamra guides organizations towards the ultimate win-win: inspired people driving inspired performance. Consulting Magazine named her one of the country’s “Top 25 Consultants” in 2007 and 2014.

Before founding PeopleFirm, Tamra was Managing Partner for Arthur Andersen’s Business Consulting practice in the Pacific Northwest, and executive in charge of People and Solutions at Hitachi Consulting. Tamra was one of four executives accountable for the performance of Hitachi’s global consulting business. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Montana State University and holds an MBA from the University of Washington.

While treasuring her free time with her husband, two children, and two dogs, she also serves on the Seattle Repertory Theatre’s Board of Trustees, and supports a variety of organizations benefiting animal welfare, the arts, and the environment.

Meet Tamra in Person

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I’m a big believer in developing the fine art of conversations to bring new life to engagement and development. Tamra brings light and hope to the performance management process. Her well-researched insights lay the groundwork for the new performance conversation. I can’t wait to meet the her personally!
— Beverly Kay, Founder & Chairperson: Career Systems Intl, and Co-author of Love 'Em of Lose 'Em: Getting Good People to Stay